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Hi Eric,

first, I would like to thank you for all the information you've been sharing on these boards and elsewhere! It's amazing to read about your ideas, techniques, approaches that have created so many great sounds.

The question:

when listening to the All American Rejects Song 'Gives You Hell', it sounds like when the chorus kicks in every instrument is just perfectly in time with each other. I don't mean sample accurate together, but perfect enough to create this huge impact.

How much editing is involved in moments like this? Do you manipulate the timing in PT? Or do you punch in until the magic happens?

I often find myself moving bass notes around to get the phasing just right between bass and kick drum to create maximum impact. Do you do this as well?

If yes, do you align every kickdrum with the bass (assuming they lock together in the arrangment), or just at the important moments? Like the entrance of section, syncopated patterns etc...

Thanks again!
Down beats are a big deal to me and yes I do the same things you describe to address them. I talk about it in this thread: