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He is easily one of the last brightest new hopes for modern rock and pop music. The Self project (essentially mostly just Matt) was consistently brilliant and awesome. Great songs, musicianship, production, etc. A great mix of musical styles too. Very much a progressive power pop/rock kinda thang.

Any Gearslutz' who want to learn about production should study his recordings. They are pretty impressive to say the least.

Subliminal Plastic Motives, The Half-Baked Serenade, Gizmodgery and Breakfast With Girls are all utterly fantastic and deserve to be heard by a lot more people. The fact that all but one of those recordings are out of print (and fetching $$$ used) is depressing. Shows you how much music made by real artists with real talent is valued today.

He's really ingenious at using old school recording gear and mixing it with high tech, modern production.

I definitely look forward to hearing what he's gonna be up to next. I think he's just getting started...

Also, he has the coolest computer monitor stand ever! heh
I love all his stuff..
I'm good buddies with his cousin..(who's a great singer/musician here in town) haven't met Matt yet. had couple of friends work with him.. He's awesome though..