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the Immaculate Session

what session[s] would you of loved to been a part of? [anything from producer to engineer to fly on the wall]

some of mine are:
jimi hendrix- electric ladyland [engineer/mixer]*
mercury rev- see you on the other side [fly on the wall]*
flaming lips- clouds taste metallic [assistant engineer]
beck- mutations [assistant engineer]
gam- phase 8 [mixer]*
squishy- self titled [mixer]*
buddy guy- sweet tea [assistant engineer]
janes addiction- ritual de lo habitual [engineer/mixer]*
outkast- aquemeni [engineer/mixer]
beastie boys- pauls boutique [fly on the wall]
beatie boys- check yo head/ill communication [engineer/mixer]*
eno/fripp- no pussy footing [mixer]*
eno- any album [engineer/fly on the wall]

*denotes projects i would like to mix in 5.1