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Respect Respect Respect! The overall SOUND of 3EB...

Dear Eric Valentine,

Third Eye Blind's debut album was one of those albums that just had a SOUND throughout the album. There are so many perfect things about the album including:

1. You can crank it real high and it still sounds tight with the drums but spacious with the guitars
2. The snare sounds are all very snappy with no annoying tones
3. The vocal is a little low in the mix (which lets you crank the tune better) and there's always a bit of space around it (most vocals these days are right in front)
4. The judicious and somewhat over the top usage of guitar feedback

If I could shake your hand, it would be a supreme honour.

So let me ask you this, at what point during the recording process did you know that you'd found a sound for the album and how hard did you have to fight (or not) to keep that sound the rest of the way?

As well, did you have any discussions with yourself or the band on the exact reverb decays for the album to keep that same space throughout?

Ultimate respect Mr. Valentine! Your work on that album was pure unadulterated genius and nothing less!