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Old 7th August 2011
Here for the gear


So, just met this guy. Called him, drove out 2.5 hours out of the city to meet him. He's 45 minutes late to meet. Pulls out the unit, and it's not even close to how he described it on the phone. It's the BAE in the pic above, 10x2. On the phone, he would only tell me it was 10 channels, and said Neve, Class A on the front. Failed to say Brent Averill 10x2 line Mixer (Which is spelled out clearly on the front panel, failed to say anything else, only said "10 channel Neve Mixer." I asked - does it say anything else, anywhere else on the unit? He says: "No. That's it. Just Neve. It's 10 channels."

I say, liar.

Thanks for wasting my day with your bull****, asshole.

(BTW, only found this post while googling after he'd gone...)