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They don't appear to want to be in step with the US.
They do say they want to "be in step" with the EU.
From the article:
"Other countries like the U.S. and France are already taking decisive, swift action on piracy and the UK must not fall behind if we are to deliver on growth," he (Geoff Taylor of BPI) said in a statement.
Note that France has the most hardline anti-piracy stance of any country in the EU.

The writer is claiming that the UK won't do site blocking but the US not only has been but is increasing implementation.

Both the US and France have "strikes" programs, the french one mandated by law, the US one voluntary on the part of the major ISPs (probably to prevent it becoming mandated by law) which will eventually result in the loss of access by repeat offenders. Neither of these programs places a financial burden on the victims.

If the UK wants to get in line with French and US anti-piracy efforts they have a long way to go.

Push back? Hell, yeah!