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All am saying is it will never stop no matter what actions are taken. Will just be driven more underground.
And I'm saying you're missing the point.

The point isn't to stop it completely - that's neither cost-effective or possible. There will always be a few die-hards who will do anything to pirate, hack, etc.

The POINT is to take it out of the mainstream.

The average person is not interested in jumping through all manner of hacker type hoops to download a few songs. It takes way too much time and effort. If it's going to be difficult they'd rather just pay the money to make it easy.

I can't believe how many times I've stated this EXTREMELY OBVIOUS point to some young snot nosed wannabe hacker who thinks it's sooo "kewl" to rip off music and anything else he doesn't want to pay for.

Yes, kiddo - you have nothing better to do with your time and you think stealing is fun. You're not in the majority. Furthermore, when you actually have to start working to support yourself you'll feel a lot differently about spending lots of time to steal something you could just buy for a buck and be done with it.