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Thanks for clarifying and revealing some of your secrets. It's not surprising that Mutt Lange's work would be inspiration for your "sound" - Those mixes on Hysteria are insane and quite an incredible achievement in mixing if you ask me. It almost sounds like the stuff was created on another planet. Like.. "Humans did this?!?!"

All of the info you have shared in this Q&A has been precious material. Your passion for this is beyond your average audio guy's passion. Including mine... And I don't really like saying that. heh But this is why you're where your at with your recordings and mixing. I think people need to have this kind of passion to achieve your level and that's whats key here. It's actually inspiring me to take things more seriously... not just with the audio, which is really important for me, but things like taking notes, pictures, interaction with new artists/talents, etc.

I appreciate your knowledge and experience! Thanks for sharing it! Soo many questions.. But I'm gonna let other people get some in.. I don't wan't hog all your time.