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Have you ever recorded to digital, completed your mix 'in the box' and then rendered your mix to 1/4" or 1/2" tape? If so how do you compare the results to the method you described above?

I have a 1/4" 2 track available and I like the results so far but I am considering trying out the Sound Toys Decapitator Plugins as an alternative for tape saturation.

Thanks for your input
that particular work flow (direct digital recording, bounced to disk via "in the box" mixing) if I understand it correctly, would be very uncommon for me. So I can't say that i have tried that exact scenario. I do always print a digital version of the mix directly into pro tools in addition to the analog 1/2" version. I do have lots of opportunities to compare those. I typically like the analog better but sometimes if the mix is not fortified with enough definition the analog mix can take it in the wrong direction and I will use the digital mix. I do have decapitator and was pretty excited about it when I first got it. The tape emulations keep getting better and better. The new release from waves (Eddie Kramer MPX Master tape thing) is the best I have heard so far. I personally still prefer the real thing over even that plug in. The difference is starting to get exceedingly subtle though. The difference I hear between most all of the emulators and the real thing is a slightly grainy quality in the plug ins. The real tape machines seem to do a slightly better job of smoothing things together in a way that sounds denser and thicker in the high end. the plug ins have a slight grainy transparency that doesn't sound as solid to me.