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Hey Jay,

The ESI's have always been a bit of a sleeper driver wise , for those that remember the old Steinberg VSL 2020 PCI cards that had incredibly low I/O and RTL , they were ESI cards in disguise.

The units are not without their quirks tho , the MAYA44e ( which has just been superceded by the MAYA44XTe ) has that wierd quirk with the driver needing to be reset in Cubendo whenever a project is opened , and the U46XL threw a curve ball at me on a current H67 system where it simply refused to initialise correctly , no matter what I tried. Using the same cable/ port on both an RME Babyface and M-Audio FTU was perfectly fine, so its some odd ball incompatibility with the U46XL and the latest Intel chipsets.. :-(

Mind you the drivers are from late 2009, so maybe ESI need to shrapen their pencils there... :-)

Re the 1808, I have one to qualify but the drivers are totally different and it has abnormal buffer settings not based on samples , i.e - low medium, high , which do not correspond to anything I can use to do any comparative work with.. :-(

BTW: The ESI reported latencies are nominal , so they could be padding the output buffer . I have a RTL measuring utility currently being developed by a DAWbench forum member that is reportedly more accurate than the Centrance one ( which I find inconsistent and near useless ) , so I'll be able to get a clear RTL reading for the cards not displaying the correct I/O, RTL.

Thanks to all for the support.. :-)
Not real familiar with the 2020 but am with their audioterminal 010 PCI card as a friend of mine had a problem with his soundcard (Lynx i think not sure although problem was fixed -faulty bridge cable for the adat) during an Adat transfer and impulsively picked up the 010 to finish the transfers. This was awhile ago - Pentium 4 days. At that time i was running a D.A.L card deluxe (talk about sleeper units).

ESI have been solid on their work on the PCI bus, kinda why that usb device wowed me but 2009! definitely need to run the pencil through the sharpener. Isnt a surprise though as im guessin the work was contracted out and hence why they havent updated it ( most probably the real reason it hasnt been).

Shame about all the quirks. :( had that 1808 played nicely it might have been the new delta 1010 ? inexpensive yet reliable means to get a decent amount of channels into and out of the 'puter.

cheers again Vin for the efforts.