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+1, a super interesting read Eric...SFTD is a totally unique and classic record. Nice to hear someone else uses peavey musician heads out there too! Eric, are those Ampeg speaker cabinets? If so do you know what they are loaded with? I have an original Peavey musician 4x12 speaker cabinet here and it is loaded with square magnet (eminence?) which I believe are in the old Ampeg cabinets too.

Drum wise I've read you recorded the cymbal/hi-hats seperately as overdubs..true? If so any tips with doing it that way?

I love the lovely dry tone you got there, I was definitely inspired by this and the drums on 17 seconds by The Cure..(recorded with c-ducers + cymbal overdubs)..refreshing to hear when everyone else is going for massive room sounds.

Thanks, Phil.