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Old 20th July 2011
Song For The Deaf

Aside from the Slash album, Song For the Deaf is an album I listen to a lot, especially in my car. I have so many questions about it...

Guitar Tone. How did you achieve some of the gritty guitar tones? Fuzz Tones? Guitar amp chosen? Very interested in this.

I really like the usage of dry drums throughout the album. Which drumkit and setup did you use to record the album, and how did you manage to get everything to sound so dry? Did you trigger anything or is it exactly what it sounded like in the room?

When it comes to Queens of the Stone Age, how much guidance do you need to give them? Do you just let them do their own thing or do you give them some direction on the sound? Is that how they sound, so raw like this? I have never seen them live so I wouldn't know.

All I can say is that this album, along with others that you've produced, are truly incredible! Keep up the good work, I look up to these artists, and to you as a producer.