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I think this album is amazing on terms of tone, arrangement, and production -- I've always wondered, how did the songs change from when you heard them in pre-production to how they sound on the final record?
The trick with Astro Lounge was figuring out how to expand Greg Camp's home demos without screwing them up. Greg makes incredibly well realized home recordings where the vibe and feel was amazing but the fidelity wasn't quite there. The challenge was rebuilding the tracks with more fidelity while including the band members and not loosing the vibe and feel. It was very tricky at times. The band wasn't really rehearsing the songs together as a band at that point. The songs really only existed as Greg's demos. I would have the drummer play live drum performances that would emulate the sound and vibe of the loop in greg's demo. I would then find loops and samples that would help expand the sound or increase the fidelity. Sometimes that meant chasing down the original source of the loop greg was using and just getting a more hi fidelity version of it. Ultimately, my part of it was mostly making suggestions along the way. Choosing to feature one part or another. Deciding to push a particular sound further in one direction or another. There were some arrangement things, I suggested introducing a key change for the bridge of "Then The Morning Comes" and helped figure out how to do it. Smash Mouth and I had reached a high level of trust by that time and they were pretty comfortable with me fiddling around with the tracks. I would add little keyboard sounds and ear candy type stuff to help the arrangements move along.

I would say that of all the various folks I have worked with over the years, My creative collaborative relationship with Greg Camp was by far the most effortless. We share a lot of the same influences. He would always show up with songs that blew me away and I could play him final mixes that he had no changes on.