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Dude... stop griefing... Nobody said anything about tweaking hardware speeds. Seriously. You really don't appear to have a clue - on any points you've made. You're welcome to talk to jcschild about how wifi creates dpc spikes in windows, or the people on reaper forums about how disabling networking improves latency. Since you're unwilling to find out anything for yourself, I'm unwilling to waste any more time talking to you. The app works. It improves latency. And your malware detector is wrong. Bye.
It's okay, you can believe the figments of imagination about wi-fi and networking that are affecting latency that boost the need to support your claims that are non-existant. If I need to use networking and audio at the same time then something is wrong in the first place. JFYI DPC latency has NOTHING to do with audio latency, only if the cpu will stutter or not.