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* Quick Note - The AVID Mbox Pro 3 results and rating have been amended as I discovered I had a slight miscalculation in the RTL % results which has been amended from 1.04 to 1.05 , not huge but enough to bump the rating a notch. The tables have been amended as well *
Could you elaborate on the MBoxPro3's general performance a little more? From the graphs it looks like a step up from the other FW devices on test, but could you briefly describe how it fared subjectively compared to -say- the MR816?

And just to make sure: RXC is what? And CV and NCV are Kontakt with Convolution Reverb and without?


PS: Roland touts their Octa-Capture (and Quad-Capture) as having extreme low-latency drivers (VS streaming is what they call it). Hope you can get your hands on one of those soon.