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Sure, every situation is different.

If you are looking to add clients, tap different markets that you may not currently be exposed to, or just generally get the word out, a site is pretty important. If you're established, well-networked, gold records on the wall, not so much.

Now, my consulting business where my business development strategy is "answer the phone when it rings and decide which 10% of gigs are worth my while", nope, no real need. I get to pick & choose my clients *despite* the state of my crap web site -- and it sounds like that's where you are at with your operations. congrats! it's a nice place to be.

No, not snooty, and that's not the client that I prefer to work with either, but if you gotta cover your overhead and there's a steady stream of that kind of work 'round these parts, well, you do what you gotta.

And of course a degree or a web site are not necessary to do a good job, but if you ain't got nobody to do your good work for... Something about a tree falling in a forest....