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Maybe you need a better site. The vast majority of (non-referral) business that walks in the door tells me that they chose us over the myriad other local studios (many of them nicer AND cheaper) because our website was better.

--And I know they don't mean better-looking, because it isn't really nice looking. However, it is chock full of information about who we are, what we do, how we do it, why we do it and information on what to expect, and how one can prepare for their session to get the most out of it. They can get a sense that we give a crap about what we do & take pride in our work.

Now, that kind of walk-in client (often novices, vanity records, demos, people who aren't cool enough to know someone with a studio) isn't necessarily my favorite kind of client, but hey, business is business. Beats workin' for a living. ;-)

And I actually had to look, but yes we do publish our rates on the site.

p.s. and, since they know the "card rate" from the site they feel special when we quote them with a small break on the hourly rate for booking a block/day/week.
I'm guessing you have a different sort of clientele in a different business area to Bill..I'm sure if you're selling your space as a studio to come work in, a decent website is essential. If you're selling yourself (who happens to work in a studio), then it's more who you know (And who knows your work).

Though I have a production room, I don't rent it independently of me. I barely have a website, and it needs a good update...but I'm not sure how worthwhile it is anyway.