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Old 20th April 2006
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I got 2 Unidyne 545 IIIs on ebay for $60 including the weird 4-pin to 3-pin xlr connectors. That was about the best gear purchase I've ever made.

To me they sound quite a bit different than a new, mexican-made 57. They don't have that pronouced midrange bump that the new ones have (which I've found to be good and bad). More importantly they reproduce low frequencies MUCH better than the new 57s (which I've found to be only a good thing).

They sound great on snare top when you want lots of body. Amazing on rack toms. Best rack tom sounds I've ever gotten are with my Unidynes. Kind of hit and miss with electric guitar though. In many cases I've found that they don't capture the top end well enough. I've never had the chance to pair them with a really great pre though.

I've attached a picture of one that looks just like mine. Mine say made in the usa on them, and I believe they were made in the 60s.
f5_1.JPGe made in the 60s.
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