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Dude the Harley Benton power box is a piece of crap, it will start getting noisy, then stop working. I had my electronic man modify it for me for 15 euro now it works fine but my vote would be the T.Rex fuel tank which is what the Harley Benton one copied, and I now use.

Rockabilly eh? Well how about these?
Plane Waves strobe tuner pedal
MXR carbon copy analog delay with modulation, vey cool, down to 50's slap back
Distortion will have to be your choice. I like the analog man tone king, any version.
Vodoo Labs tremolo pedal, wipes the boss and many other ones off the planet and very affordable too.
Reverb: Maybe a nice amp like a Fender Vibrolux with the footswith.

Of course these are very 'traditional' pedals, if you want crazy look up 'bleep labs' or some Moog (pricy) stuff, Z-vex etc etc.
Hope this helps. a grand is not much.......