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Thank you audioactive.
Here's a questionable graph which relates Density and GFR.

I would guess that there is quite a wide variation of density and GFR even within the same batch. Light and fluff arrives pretty solid and dense in it's packaging. It expands when unpacked, and presumably contracts a little over time.
And look at those figures for FlexCL!

Someone had GFR's for a couple of Roksil densities. I hope they chime in.

Here is probably a good place to promote this relatively new Porous Absorption Calculator, thanks to Demetris.
Porous Absorber Calculator

And some more courtesy of Sebq

Bradford Rockwool Building Blanket 13000 mks Rayls/m (nominally 30kg/m^3 product)
Bradford FIBERTEX ™ 350 Rockwool 22000 (60kg/m^3)
Bradford FIBERTEX ™ 450 Rockwool 33000 (80kg/m^3)
Bradford FIBERTEX ™ 650 Rockwool 53000 (100kg/m^3)
Bradford FIBERTEX ™ HD Rockwool 70000 (120kg/m^3)