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Hello..This will depend on several things..

1.What you are running into the DI
2.The quality of the DI
3. The quality of the preamp behind the DI

That being said, you can get DIs that don't require a preamp behind it that has it own variable gain pot ( if you haven't got one already)..Tho' some are pretty expensive, but not as expensive as a good preamp/DI combo..Very desirable if you don't require a preamp for vocals,mic'ing amps,etc.Plus, it keeps your signal at line level, not having to drop back to mic level as required to use a preamp behind it..Good luck..
Hey Snatchman.. Nice name btw My pre is an apogee trak 2.. I have an electronic drum kit that seems to always have some electrical humming when I record them. Also, I think a DI could help with bass as well..
Anyway, I was looking into getting a DI box specifically for when I record drums, bass, and keyboard (not anything I'm mic'ing like vocals and acoustic guitar). Was thinking about a Radial JDI mk3.. Didn't know if running through that and into the trak 2 would have any negative impact. I haven't used a DI in recording before so I don't know.