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Old 27th June 2011
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Black Lion 828mkII vs 828mk3 (Who's Right?)

i'm a BLA/828mkII owner considering getting a 828mk3...

i've reached out to MOTU, and they said the analog path and converters were upgraded in the mk3...then i reached out to Black Lion (who has apparently inspected the unit to see if it was fit for modding) and they said MOTU did not actually improve either of those things, and in their opinion, a BLA-modded mkII still sounds better than a mk3.

so are there any BLA/828mkII users out there that made the switch to a stock mk3? what did you noticed in terms of sound quality?

is there a bored 828mk3 user out there that might like to enhance this thread? i could post a file after a few generations of BLA/828mkII conversion, and you could do the same with your mk3...that might teach us something.