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Old 14th April 2006
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He designed the 5502, which was the first thing he did, and by the way, one of the reasons that it sounded the way it did was because of an error with the shelving circuit, which made it more like a very wide peak. That's how most things become classics, small errors that become history. I heard that they are going to re-issue it, so we will see if it if like the original or like the 550B. I always felt bad for them, because everything was always compared to something else they made.

Then the 3124, 550B, 512B and C, the entire 200 series except the gate, which he had some X-SSL guy do, the Legacy (I read somewhere that he designed it in his closet at home because it was quiet or something), The Legacy Plus (that was when Jeff Bork came on and helped) the re-issue of the 525 with a balanced input, then the 2500 bus compressor (killer), then on to the Vision console for the guy in Europe.

I think there are 2 parts to a good designer. One is when he can come up with something new and innovative, and one where he can take something that was once done and make it affordable to sell again. He did both.