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Old 17th June 2011
Lives for gear

Yeap........ 1981-1996 Original Eventide branded box - Slider using the Stereo Room Preset, a Glue that bound more the particles in a mix then 2" Tape together, the other Quanteq/480L Mix Glue that so many in the USA didn't afford the use.

Life was worse in the UK (Think Thatcher & Poll Tax + Miners & riots w/ Low Quid) & Lex prices were prohibitive to use! - it was King in 1980'-89 UK as well as the Emulator 2, Fairlight 11cx, Linn Drum & 224XL - though Eventide Owned the 80's for FX and that reverb with the Lex 224XL costing much more!

PCM70 -Lush for the few algo's - Plate, Res Chords, Hall, Chamber - Man.. Res chords on a 224Xl freaked me out -on a PCM 80-42 secs Res Chord delay - Splendour! ahhhhh. Splendour!

Had Lexicon released a Keyboard for the PrimeTimes - it would have been a serious pie fight! Though from memory Primetime delays were deemed for Guitarists? Go figure, then try to get an original 2016 Eventide Reverb - 3-4K plus! Courtesy Mr. Gabrial who owns 4 as I understand!

Simply MHO