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Where did Paul Wolf go?

Where did Paul Wolf go?

I was recently looking for ways to rack my 500 series Eqs, and ended up on the API website and noticed something strange!!! Paul Wolf is missing!!!

I know that Paul Wolf left API a few years ago and started ToneLux.

But my shock was at the page ‘About us’ ->

An Abbreviated History of API!

There MAY be something wrong with the API site…
maybe when you click to enter… it takes you to a ‘Twilight Zone’ type area where Paul Wolf NEVER EXISTED!

This is funny, check it this timeline…

(from the API website)
1977 Developed first micro-processor based crosspoint intercoms for use in broadcast and production, which became the basis for the discrete series bus assignment system

1991 First console manufactured utilizing touch-screen computer assignment for complete switch reset
OK, now I’m NOT an expert on API or Paul Wolf, but aren’t there some MAJOR things missing from this timeline?!?!

How about… 1988 Automated Processes Inc. is destitute and is in, or near bankruptcy. Paul Wolf buys company and over the next 10 years due to his GREAT designs and management, turns the company around and saves it from TOTAL and certain destruction!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total fan of API… I have 7 mic pre’s ( 6 - 512c’s and 1 512-S) 10 Eqs ( 6 - 560’s and 4 - 550b’s ), but why leave out the guy that made the company what it is today?

I know the 550b is Paul’s work, does anyone know what else he designed while owning API?

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