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One interesting info I got from the manual for Lexicon 480 is that it's the "top" 15 dB buildup and decay that matters the most for how roomsize is percieved by the listener. That's why they recommend working with shape and spread prior to changing decay time or predelay.

Also they don't encourage the use of early reflections. Rather they recommend using other parameters first to create the sense of a soundstage.

Finally, predelay is - according to the 480 manual - not a "realistic" parameter. Although they admit it can increase the percieved size it can also ruin the realism of the room produced.

All this was news for me.
This is some interesting stuff. Do you by chance have a link to the article? I'm kinda curious as to what they mean by "top 15 dB buildup and decay". I hate to seem like a total noob but what do they mean when they say "working with the shape and spread". Shape, like envelope or tone? I'm guessing spread is pan or stereo width.

Any thoughts on any of that stuff? You got me curious. Thanks for the post.