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This is the age we are in.. The best beat makers for me are the ones who can sample, play their own stuff and incorporate everything together to make tracks. I mean I sample a lot, steal sounds, use loops, but I also play my own stuff to create a track out of everything... I don't think that makes me less talented.

Do you have sample packs you sell? I'd love to check them out.
No I dont sell samples, I do the same thing your doing and yes, it does require talent...if I sample and loop something that I think sounds cool I will usually hi pass it and play a new bass over top of it with my fender-p, then add all the rest of the sounds I want...I was really talking about the stuff on the radio that is all 4 to the floor with one synth line and thats it, and dont forget adding "dance" or "dance floor" into the lyrics! Like Ice cube said way back.."I'm sick of that ****...listen to the hit"