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Drums are kinda my thin . Dude if i was you i would scratch the libraries go back to vinyl. Instead of chopping single hits search for full kits.

Tracks with a lot of dynamics and if possible solo sections. Once you have get to chopping but chop 2-hit and three hit samples. Then capture as many as you can for a single hit. So for Example say it's a nice snare? Capture 15+ (more the better of this snare one shots. Now get into a drum sampler like battery and listen to it putting it into order of dynamics and also left right strikes on rolls etc. Capture flam and other nuances rims etc. The fact you're taking all of this from the same sample means that the mic positions etc are even and the sound of the kit meshes. Once you have this create battery or sampler templates for snares to be triggered for different synamics on pads or keys. Process what you got! My sound uses a lot of heavy destructive distortion. Most of the Icarus project was ran through a culture vulture. When comp was needed (not often) the entire buss was run through a UBK fatso. I added some fake tape saturation in an unconventional way - I used the Echoboy innit patch and removed all delay with exception of a slight verb when needed and craked gain and saturation on output. Harsh highs were either dealth with with the CV or ran audio into the Moog voyager and used the low pass. just a touch. Eq was mostly a waves puigtec. Kissing needle stuff here. Usually boost the 60 htz i find it brings out the 100 htz funnily enough - Not sure why i'm no engineer. It is musical though for sure. Resample and bam youhave a custom kit and library.

It is time consuming but worth it. The icarus project has 4 main kits created in this way - heavy on the programming..Ta da!
I do sample vinyl A LOT, I have a MPC and just got back into sampling, I am a drummer by heart, been playing for 26 years, I play all my own instruments in my music, guitar, bass and keys and drums, but It has been many years since I had fun sampling and now that I have this MPC I wanted to get back into it! I really appreciate all the ideas, cant wait until tomorrow morning, i am going to do just what you said and have some fun!