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Old 1st June 2011
that dude Traumah is an absolute cornball...

His "sales pitch" videos were a joke... He would load up a stock drum kit on his pads and play them and say "listen, these drums are can't do anything with them...BUT WHEN YOU GOT TRAUMAH DRUMZZZZ"

and then it would cut scene to him playing his drums out and it was just blatantly obvious he just jacked up the volume on his monitors.

Him and his boy POSTERBOY are a couple of tools who went to a few business/self help seminars and think they can apply their voodoo on the aspiring bedroom beat programmer.

And his drums ARE actually decent but I wouldn't pay 1/4 of the price for them. His free kit would definitely suffice.

for the price Traumah is selling his kit you can get both of Croups Deadly Drums and Filthy Drums (which are better IMO) and still have $40 left for whatever.

Goldbaby has good drums for a great price too.

Or just sample from vinyl!!