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i dont get why people continue to buy these packs. there are so many out there that you can likely buy a few when you start out and likely never need to buy anything else again. I havent bought sounds in years really. I buy records all the time because I like records but keyboard sounds nah. Synth sounds nah. I have Reason with the sonic gold refills with the right use of fx and some good records I really do not need much else.

It seems like every topic i feel passionately about is being plastered on these forums as of late.

Ok so Drums - Yeh samples..etc..blah blah..Trust me when i say that creating unique kits and samples just takes time. After going through the library creation for my current project i can't imagine buying or using someones samples ever again. The drums in my current project are a staple for the entire sound and the satisfaction and reward for hrs spent processing and programming is well worth it.