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Old 31st May 2011
Lives for gear

Finally a chance to hype my acoustic guitar of choice:
Ibanez. The most under appreciated acoustic amongst semi-pros and pros, imho.
What I love about the ones I´ve owned - two - is that they DON´T have a signature sound. When I play certain more legendary acoustics I think "Sounds great, but very specific" - usually too "woody". My Ibanez´s are very non colored, almost chameleonic and seem to fit into anything. It´s down to which strings you choose, how you attack it and mic placement. Everyone who has ever played on mine makes a remark about how good it sounds - which is kind of odd, because it´s so neutral.
Important to find a store that has several, to find the right one, even though most have a very similar build AFAIK.
Personally I would choose Ibanez over guitars twice the price, maybe even more expensive ones (if for no other reason the fear of breaking them).

Takamine, ofcourse, is a tried and tested live acoustic, with very good built in pickup system. Very practical when being heard is an issue. Doesn´t do much - if anything - for me unplugged, though.