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That Traumah drums guy has some crazy drum samples. I think he just samples random sounds in his house with a good quality mic, such as glass breaking, spoons clanking together, water running, just average everyday sounds, but then I think he chops them up and layers them over kicks, snares, hats, etc, and the result is some unique ****. He even got Battlecat to endorse his drums kits.

So if your asking because you want to start selling your own kits, I'd say sample your own unique percussive sounds that no one else has and layer them with some hard hitting kicks/snares etc.

I'll look for some examples of his drums, he's got free kits too on his site.
WOW., that sound very interesting..I would defiantly like to hear some of those samples! The one thing that I have noticed with some sample packs like vinyl packs is that I dont know what they did to them, rather it was running them through "high end"gear as a selling point but..the ones I have used really do not sound like a vinyl drum hit...or maybe it is just my hearing..I am going to search for the guy you mentioned because that sounds really cool! I like sampling my own stuff and was just wondering if people had ideas of something new or a way to improve what is already out there!