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I'd rather be entertained when I go to a show than admiring how great the musicians were. Norah Jones and her band are great musicians but the show was boring as hell. Michael Jackson might have mimed his singing but his shows were incredibly exciting and entertaining.
Why shouldnt you expect both though ? Norah jones being boring is because you dont like her, not because it was being played live.. You can be authentic and entertaining.

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Bruce Willis was shot dozens of times in his movies and shows up at TV interviews without even a scratch and not even one person has called him out on it!
yes but music is not movies.. You can find examples of things that are fake throughout everything but just because you can join the dots doesnt validate them as the same thing. ive seen people buy plastic plants that dont need water but that doesnt have any relevance to music or the examples i made.

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What about the blatant fakery on the internets? I've heard that some people don't even use their real names! I wonder what Mr Ebulb thinks about that?
Once again that point has no relationship to music.. My argument isnt about generic fakes through everything that exists in the world, its about how its eroded music. Just because you accept artificial sweetener doesnt mean the concept works across everything else in the world.. otherwise why dont we just let athletes at the olympics take drugs ? its because integrity matters..

To be honest, i dont have a problem with Gaga calling herself Gaga, im not adverse to showmanship but it gets to a point where everything is fabricated and its simply too much. You can dress things up but there comes a point where you loose the fundamental integrity.

but i would like to know from everyone who thinks the fakery is ok, if Lady Gaga didnt show up and someone else mimed for her at the concert do you feel that is still acceptible ? If the actual artist doesnt contribute anything to the sound than what difference would it make ?