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Well executed, but spoiled for the (two) lead girls mic techniques. Their sound is too loud, and out of balance with the others. Someone should tell them all to practice with the mic's at least a foot away, and angled to their chin, like the woman on (our) the left is doing.
I don't like seeing mics stuffed in singers mouths at the best of times. Even three stand mics would be better - singers side/front/side singing into each (so you can see their mouths) and it gives the performance a better look.
Two and a Half Men style.
You're right.

They should have lip-synched it. heh

PS... I have no idea what Two and a Half Men style is. That's the show with (formerly with?) the really obnoxious member of the Sheen/Estevez show biz clan, though, right? Ask me about Glee, though, I used to watch that. (And may very well, again. I think I just got overdosed on amateur dancing and clumsy vocal correction -- on those rare occasions when the Auto-Tune wasn't just set to kill all listeners. But I still love backstage musicals. Heaven help me. heh )