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Important Milestones in Faking

Yes, in the early days of TV/Film, there was lots of miming/lip synching as we struggled with ways to make pop music "visual"

BUT even the Monkees, Jan& Dean, and American Bandstand had some redeeming qualities.

Here are 2 important benchmarks from my lifetime, from which we have not recovered:

1. MADONNA was NOT the first to fake her concert vocals, BUT SHE WAS THE FIRST to make it acceptable, by openly admitting it, and it was because of her that it became not only commonplace, but accepted industry practice. At the time she said something like, "I am doing so many fancy dance moves that I can't possibly sing all those parts, so my vocals are pre-recorded, BUT my fans don't care, they just want to see my spectacle" Unfortunately, she was right, and the Britney fans of today are no different.

2. WHITNEY was the first to fake OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM. Not only did people accept it, but that pre-recorded version became A HIT SINGLE.