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While it is true there has always been some fakery going on, MTV and the Suits have turned the music industry into a formula that makes sense on paper and one that they can control. This homogenized blather is fed to the public. Sadly, the public spends their money on this crap and thereby encourages the cycle.

The younger generation these days have nothing to compare to so they know not to complain - not that they would anyway.

I think Lady GaGa is indeed talented. She is a classically trained pianist and she does have a decent voice. The outrageous outfits and behavior bore me but hey, she's just trying to out trump Madonna who has no talent. I guess this is what we've come to.

In my time, there were a few shlock acts like Bobby Sherman, Sonny & Cher, and the Monkeys. Most of the music I grew up on was the real deal though. The Beatles, Clapton, Tull, The Stones before Ronnie, The Allmans with Duane, Dylan, Joni Mitchell - and a host more.

Now, most of the music is shlock and formulaic. Britney, Bieber, American Idol, Taylor Swift and adnauseum....

And it's not just the music industry. Movies are crap - just vehicles for special effects. TV is just poor rewrites of once good stuff or reality - which is essentially a way of watching dysfunctional idiots behaving badly.

Obviously there is a market for this stuff as it sells but I go back to the fact that kids these days have nothing of substance to compare to so it does make sense that they accept the horse pucky they get dished out.

I was lucky. I grew up during the greatest musical creative era that we have seen. I got to listen to things recorded on analog devices and I got to see and hear concerts at the Fillmore East - not in huge basketball and hockey venues.

I seldom go to concerts anymore. I do not attend movies for the most part. I ignore all sporting events. I do not watch reality shows on the telly. These are choices I make for my own sanity and also because I do not want to support the current state that is Show Biz which includes in no particular order: TV, Movies, Recorded Music, Performed Music, Sports, Politics, Therapy, and the list goes on.

While I wish there were products being created for people of my ilk, they are not - well except depends and preparation H. As a result, I have had to find other outlets to stay amused, enlightened and to find enjoyment.

Rant or whatever this is - over.