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obviously there is more of a technological opportunity to fake it nowadays. someone could be totally tone deaf but wave the magic autotune wand and they're suddenly singing in tune ! i also think there are far worse examples than gaga (like kesha & britney) though. ......... but it's quite funny to see the pop music apologists rush in to deny any and all criticisms directed at todays current poptarts. yep, they gotta defend the lamers, posers and no-talent twits. lacking songwriting skill, vocal skill or instrumental skill is now seen as a POSITIVE on the pop music resume (as long as one is marketable, full of attitude, attractive and follows the gatekeeper's orders). and no, it hasn't always been that way. it (fakery) used to be the exception, and now it's the RULE. the top artists of pop music in the past (brian wilson, the beatles, MJ, prince, bowie, hendrix, queen, pink floyd, supertramp, etc.) used to dominate via their 3-pillar SKILLS. now, top pop artists dominate via the ABSENCE of said skills.