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I was just watching Lady Gaga on some TV show and it started to make me ponder just how much fakery exists in music and its presentation nowdays.. This hasnt just struck me, It has obviously been in music for a long time but the degree to which it exists at every step of the way is really quite sad..

Im looking at her "perform" and im thinking this is 99% played and recorded by other people, arranged and produced by others, her vocals are autotuned and the music is cut and paste and quantized and sampled at every inch of the way.. Then when she is on TV its all mimed, then there is the fake hair extensions and eye lashes body tans and all the rest.. Then of course the band is just a bunch of session players with no input or actual identity in the sound, you could put a few stiffs on a piece of elastic up there and achieve the same effect.. Then at the end of it all the host talks about how she is so successful like its a reflection upon her personal talent and everyone appluades. Id say all of about 2% of her is honestly represented in what they just saw..

It made me wonder what the next lady gaga album would sound like if all she had was a person putting half a dozen mics up in a room and told her to go from there with no other help.. Would anyone give a stuff ? Something tells me no they wouldnt but thats the real reflection of the person, not how many layers of fakery you can add.. This isnt meant to sound like a personal dig at her because there's loads of examples that all do it exactly the same..

You watch bands in the 60s/70s perform on TV and it was the band and guitars and thats it, one mic over their heads and they sounded brilliant.. Its such a sad state of affairs nowdays.. People (in the pop world) either cant really sing and play or are nearly all too gutless to try for fear of not pulling it off.. The general public has also become too accepting that just jumping around in a costume qualifies as performance. Well i guess they can be thankful they arent relying on people like me to make their money.
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Now, there were a handful of shows in the 60s that featured actual live performances by bands -- and those, for obvious reasons, have been revered and passed down.

But most of the time you saw bands and stand up teen pop singers perform in the 50s and 60s on TV, it was lip synched. That was the standard approach. Only in the late 60s were some big rock bands able to demand going on live -- and then it was a crap shoot because the studio staff often didn't know how to deal with their set ups in terms of capture. In the 70s that started changing (although many variety show appearances were still synched), although it was mostly the shows where bands were shot live in performance venues that had actually playing. And even some of those peformances were faked -- and often augmented after the fact.

Fakery and pop music has been going on since I was a kid in the 50s. And since various forms of lip-synching was a not-infrequent theme in 30s and 40s movies (ghost-singing was a well-known phenom in the movies, then as now), it's safe to say that not only was there plenty of it then, but that the audience was aware enough of it that it could be joked about knowingly.

PS... one of my favorite lip-sync jobs is this American Banstand 'performance' from the Seeds. Lead singer Sky Saxon seems clearly to be bored (or something heh ) beyond belief and just stops bothering to lip sync part way through. It's hilarious.

Just as lip synched, but droll in somewhat different ways, this appearance by the Seeds in an apartment living room in forgotten 60s sit-com, The Mother-in-Laws, seems recently uncovered: