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Fakery shmakery.
It's all fake in one way or another.
When you overdub: that's fake.
When you change the dynamics or EQ: that's fake.
When you add some reverb or delay: that's fake.
When you close mic everything: that's fake.
When you replace real sounds with samples: that's fake.
Disco was fake.
Techno is fake.
Hip hop is fake.
Frank Zappa edited live performances with studio overdubs all the time: fakery.
When hasn't top 40 pop NOT been fake? Remember Milli Vanilli?
I couldn't care less how an album is produced as long as it sounds good.

If you can't reproduce the album live: that's sad. I think fake musicianship is my biggest pet peeve. I got the first Mr. Bungle album right when it came out and was impressed by the music and production. I saw them live a couple of months later, and to my amazement they nailed every note and even took things beyond the recording. Blew my mind. Nothing fake about that musicianship.