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Buzz Audio Soc 1.1 Compressor

I received my Soc 1.1 today. I inserted it on a bus for stereo acoustic guitar tracks and was totally blown away. I had it set as follows: auto attack, auto release, 2.1 ration, 1 drive and 4 output. The review articles that I read are spot on. It made the guitar sound the way I had imagined it to sound on a very well produced CD. I had previously used a Manley VariMu on the guitar tracks, which while sounding good, was 50% of the quality of the sound I got from the Soc 1.1. The Soc 1.1 really smoothed the guitars and gave them a very wide and upfront sound. It made them sound much better than the unprocessed sound (which was recorded with a Doug Jane 2A73 and a stereo set of Neumann KM 184s and sounded good unprocessed). I am looking forward to using the Soc 1.1 on vocals, bass and all sorts of other instruments including mixes. I will be saving my pennies to buy more gear from Tim.