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The AKG solid tube is a piece of junk. I would definitely get something else for vocals.

WEll i would ahve to agree with you on that in most cases..... However there is this analoge freque... genius that resides here in Melbourne Australia and he knows AKG/ Neumanns inside out.

i was @ his workshop not too long ago and was fiddling around with his c12's U47's etc and he said have a listen to this. Which by the way was a solidtube. Previously i had theard this mic in a shop and thought it was flamin piece of ****!!!!!!!!! And i was like.. oh here were go he was just going to boast how good his tech work was ont he latest U47 that had been sent to him by his clients on Japan and well i have to say that i was floored!

He rebuilt his own PCB for the mic, rebuilt the PSU and left the capsule and body the rest was his own working and it would certainly stand up to most mics.... Iwas A/B directly with his U47 directly and there was a slight difference but had headroom for DAYS!!!!! and the HF sheen was great. The main disitnctive difference is of course the lack of an M7 capsule and the fact that the mylar on the diapgram had not aged etc... which is the large reason they sound so damn good!..

But it certaily was food for thought... He in all his distribe/ramblings said the AKG designers had no idea what they were making with the solidtube and the c12VR as well!!... but he thought it was essentialy a decent mic that was designed wrong..

But he is a bit of a kook etc so u never really know whether or not to beleive him...

He also makes a great Tube EQ/ compressor and mic-pre....

If anyone is interested in pics of email contacts let me know..


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