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Eventide 2016 vs Lexicon PCM70

Hi Guys,

Having tried the newer lexicon pcm96 and bricasti M7, and while both sound amazing in their own right, for some strange reason I seem to be drawn to the sound of the older units over the super smooth hi-fi sounding reverbs.

I had a pcm70 on loan a few months back and really loved the depth of that box and how the reverb sat in the mix. More recently, I have been looking into the Eventide 2016 and have really been impressed with what I have heard (unfortunately just samples from the web as I hav'nt been able to acquire a demo unit). Just to note a 480l/300 etc... is a bit unattainable for me atm.

Just looking for advice from anyone with experience of either unit. I was all set to pick up a pcm70 until I heard the 2016 and now it’s got me thinking. From what I heard the longer verbs sounded fantastic and had that big 80's ballady vibe which I love, but can it do the short spaces thing as good ,like the famous tiled room in the pcm70? Also as a by the way, im using the Eclipse for general effects.