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Josh Groban used a Jensen Twin Servo by Boulder (basically the Hardy M-1)
The Jensen Twin Servo by Boulder, which was introduced in 1986, was replaced in 1988 by the Jensen Twin Servo by the John Hardy Company. The Twin Servo uses two 990C op-amps per channel, while the M-1 uses one 990C per channel.

Boulder - freakin $40,000 preamps. Yeah, like that's gonna happen.
I have no idea what the actual Boulder version of the Twin Servo might be selling for these days on Ebay or elsewhere (they were discontinued in 1988), but the Jensen Twin Servo that I have been manufacturing since 1988 as the official replacement for the Boulder is available for $4250 in a 4-channel version. That's about 90% less than your "freakin $40,000" estimate.

Thank you.

John Hardy
The John Hardy Co.