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[QUOTE=tj7;6649266]hi phill,

thankyou for taking the time to share your knowledge with us!

my question is a simple one which i suppose may have many different answers:

what would you say have been the best microphones you have used for miking up electric guitar amps?

....and if you had to pick just one as a "jack of all" for clean and overdriven electric guitar amp miking, what would that be...?


I've always loved AKG D12 or D20 as a 'close' mic on gtr amps. Close for me is about 12 inches away. Also Coles are great but not if the amp is really cranked up. As a mic that could be used on acoustic gtrs, clean and distorted amps, a real all-rounder - U47 Fet. (with -10db pad)