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I know one is a plugin and the other is a full featured DAW, but i'm tempted on purchasing one those.
Which one has the best sound?
Actually i'm using Ableton Live, so Satson will be just perfect, but as i also use Linux, i could export individual Ableton tracks to Mixbus on Linux for the final mix.
I've read a lot about summing, and Mixbus seems to have it nativelly since it's the same DSP algorithms of Harrison's hardware consoles and it's a full ITB mixer. Satson is just a solo plugin you put on each track, so they don't really "comunicate" each others.
Any thoughts on this subject?
Can't comment on Mixbus, but Satson reminds me of sitting behind an E series ssl, wide and deep (and in the process made me give up the idea of external summing). Things sit better BEFORE you do anything to them and the filters are just awesome, besides it's $40. How can you go wrong?