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Don't want to hijack the op's post but I am curious what any of you would say as far as KM56's vs KM84's on acoustic guitar. I've been thinking about getting a set of KM84's but hearing all the love here for the KM56, I'd like to know what experienced folks think.
This is only my personal opinion but I owned a KM 54 a few years ago and didn't really like it on acoustic guitar. Yes, the mic is VERY 3Dish and has an amazing hi-end clarity. But for my work I just prefer the KM 84. The KM 54 worked best as a room mic for me but I found it hard justifying ownership just for that application - financially speaking.

BTW, I just recently bought a sequential # pair of KM 84s and I absolutely love them. Strangely enough, I owned two individual KM 84s earlier (both in top condition) but didn't like them as much. The transient response and hi-end response of the KM 84 is just about perfect IMO because it isn't exagerrated at all and the mic takes EQ very well if needed.

So maybe my taste and ear have changed over the last few years but more likely, you just need to find an example that you really like. My KM 54 was tested and serviced by Andreas Grosser but others have pointed out that you really need to find a 'magical' one.