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i mean..just wow...

RC2 sounds much closer to HW than the Beta 2, no doubt !!!
Good job...

Stereo image sounds very similar now and also pretty much the top end.
The chorus blend and alteration is nailed as well!

One thing tho,
The HW sounds more gentle on the lows and highs and thats the very last difference left between the real thing and ERS....

Thats something i always notice when comparing digital emulation of analog box versus the analog box itself...pretty much..the analog box adds some warmth somehow due to the electrical components saturation and some non-linearities...

I heard that also with the comparison of the UAD Harrison EQ vs. the real Harrison EQ....same thing...the plugin always sounds "newer" or perhaps more "digital" ...if that makes any sense..

I think, if you'll add a toggle for "analog warmth" that would be awesome addition and the last step to nail it completely!

Without that kind of "warmth" ERS sounds "newer" than the vintage box..
while if someone looks for the vintage warmth tone, he could turn on the "analog warmth" switch and have that mojo....

Other than that, amazing work !!!