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Lightbulb Release Version

Okay I've re-uploaded examples with the RC2. These examples are more reflective of the final release version which I just now used to make more clips. I'm even more blown away! heh
And I decided to leave up the beta2 version examples above if it's okay with you Harrie because it's a small insight into the sonic development of this plugin; hearing the differences.

Please use the "DRY Guitar" "UAD "Guitar" samples from above for comparscent, they are obviously the same so I didn't upload them again.

Also for the sweep I added position 4 for the hardware and ERS which really conveys what this plugin can do when comparing to the hardware. Keep in mind, position 1 for the HW sweep is the same and can be downloaded above from my previous post.
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Guitars_ERSRC2_4.wav (3.26 MB, 232 views)

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Sweep_ERSRC2_4.wav (1.02 MB, 225 views)