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Originally Posted by Froombosch View Post
1. That is the typical beheavior of a lineair interpolation filter.

2. That beheavior is not in the schematic. If you have the HW unit I would love to have a dirac sample put thru it. Small drifting of electronic components could lead to small differences between the two delaylines.

Beta 2 is not the same as the RC2 version. The RC2 version is tweaked to be frequency correct. @Trancending: Is this the RC2 or the Beta2 version?

Thank you for posting the files!


Hi Harrie,

i was reffering to TranscendingM's sample he posted...i wouldnt know which version of ERS beta did HE use but i'd guess that would be the RC2....he should pop in and tell :-)

Sorry but i do not own the real box, but just own the UAD plugin...

If you need another beta tester for sound tweaking feedback, i'd gladly help with that.

Anyway, i can imagine i'd buy it when its out