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Originally Posted by Froombosch View Post
1. That is the typical beheavior of a lineair interpolation filter.

2. That beheavior is not in the schematic. If you have the HW unit I would love to have a dirac sample put thru it. Small drifting of electronic components could lead to small differences.

Beta 2 is not the same as the RC2 version. The RC2 version is tweaked to be frequency correct. @Trancending: Is this the RC2 or the Beta2 version?

Thank you for posting the files!

Yep I had done the samples with the 2nd to last version, the beta 2...

Originally Posted by Froombosch View Post
We still hear some parts that can be improved, but we are convinced this is a great product, so we are going to release it
I totally agree with this.. Aside from the frequency quirk that was apparently corrected anyway in the final version, even considering a few small tweaks will really perfect this plugin. But it's so good now and as I said, IMO, the best in the algo plugin league that it is a totally legit release.